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Combat sports, which are recognized by the International Olympic Committee, will be a part of the OFFICIAL Ontario Winter Games Program, taking place March 2018 in Orillia, Ontario. WushuOntario is proud to offer a pathway to support your athletes representing your club to qualify for the Canadian National Team while safely developing their skills through High Performance competition.  Leading up to the 2018 Ontario Winter Games, WushuOntario will be qualifying athletes in the following categories & supporting medallists to represent Canada towards International Competition.

MALE athletes –
AGE 18-29 (as of Jan, 01, 2018) WEIGHT 50-60kg / 61-70kg
AGE 15-17 (as of Jan, 01, 2018) WEIGHT 55-60kg / 61-65kg / 65-70kg / 70-80kg

FEMALE athletes –
Age 15-17 (as of Jan, 01, 2018) WEIGHT 45-55kg / 56-65kg

Qualifiers will be held on December 8-10, 2017 at the Markham Pan Am Centre Event: “Toronto Tournament of Martial Arts Champions”

Preparation Clinics will be held for coaches and athletes to best prepare them for this opportunity on November 18, 2017. Details on wushuontario.ca
Athletes MUST attain membership and licensing for Full Contact competition. The licensing fee in the amount of $85.00 will be WAIVED for this event only.

There are no costs to attend these events.